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Feb 2018

The Bard - Musical Memories

By: admin | Tags: bard, memory, family

I woke up early this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. A car had driven past my window and I caught a snippet of a song that flooded my mind with sad memories. I allowed myself to float in those memories for a while, until I realized that the emotions tied to them were bringing me down.


Feb 2015

34 by 35 Bucket List

By: admin | Tags: bucket list

  1. learn three new songs on guitar
  2. read a book of poetry
  3. take my mom to all my favorite DC spots
  4. take a coding class
  5. get my cavity taken care of (quit delaying this Stephanie!!)
  6. have a romantic bubble bath
  7. read six books


Jan 2015

INFJ explained

By: admin | Tags: myers-briggs, INFJ

Why are we talking about Myers-Briggs again? Because personality type can inform career performance and goals, which I believe is relevant for a website dedicated to sharing my oeuvre. 


Jul 2014

The Bard - Robert

By: admin | Tags: prose, bard, memory

Every year, the graduating class of C*****n Elementary School would walk down the street to the R*** Ranch for barbecue and western dancing. We were chatting cheerfully as we walked past my family’s ranch and the S****’s farm on the way to the party.

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