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Feb 2015

34 by 35 Bucket List

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  1. learn three new songs on guitar
  2. read a book of poetry
  3. take my mom to all my favorite DC spots
  4. take a coding class
  5. get my cavity taken care of (quit delaying this Stephanie!!)
  6. have a romantic bubble bath
  7. read six books
  8. make a big breakfast for no reason at all (DONE)
  9. grow an indoor herb garden
  10. organize all my favorite recipes in one place
  11. try sushi (DONE)
  12. buy flowers from a real florist (i.e. not the grocery store)
  13. try six new restaurants
  14. have a girl's night with Chris and the gals
  15. watch a famous movie I’ve never seen
  16. go to Dreamforce
  17. go strawberry picking - I hope they have that somewhere around here!
  18. make salsa
  19. go on an impromptu weekend getaway
  20. practice yoga consistently ("consistently" to be defined later)
  21. go on a picnic
  22. treat myself to a massage
  23. go to a concert
  24. revisit something I used to love to do, but don’t do anymore
  25. go to my first baseball game
  26. go camping (DONE)
  27. send six snail mail letters to loved ones
  28. go to the DC zoo (DONE)
  29. go to a drive-in movie
  30. travel someplace new
  31. do something that scares me
  32. watch a sunrise and sunset in the same day
  33. 200
  34. to be determined…

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