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Apr 2012

Do What You Are

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These are just my notes as I go through the book, "Do What You Are - Discover the perfect career for you through the secrets of personality type." Welcome to my Friday Night.



  • How we interact with world - Introversion
  • How we take in information - Intuition
  • How we make decisions - Feeling
  • How we construct our lives - Judging
  • Temperament - Intuitive Feeling (Idealist)
  • Attitude - Introverted Judging
  • Functions - Intuitive Feeling


Hierarchy of Functions:

  1. Dominant Function - Intuition (implications and possibilities rule, Inner World, primary motivation is to understand self, like to process  ideas internally, )
  2. Auxiliary Function - Feeling (personal values rule, Outer world, More tuned into the feelings of others, important that they share same values, like to discuss feelings out-loud, need harmony )
  3. Third Function- Thinking (Logical decisions are weaker)
  4. Fourth Function - Sensing (Facts and details are weaker)

A dominant intuitive may be so preoccupied with considering the possibilities that they may never take any action. INFJs see connections and associations and analyze them in humanistic terms. Can make connections that no one else does, between seemingly unrelated things. Introverts use auxiliary function in outer world, and dominant in inner world. Places them at disadvantage, since what others see most is not their strongest function.



  • Original
  • Visionary
  • Creative
  • Sensitive
  • Compassionate
  • Holistic



  • Dominant Intutives are driven crazy by having to attend to facts and details.

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