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Dec 2011

Colors for Career Testing

By: admin | Tags: personality, career

The Dewey Color System® is purported to be the world's most accurate career testing instrument. This report is based on my personality traits and indicates my two most enjoyable day-day-day occupation skills.


Jun 2010

The Bard - A Rare Day

By: admin | Tags: prose, bard, memory

The Sun is barely streaking through my window as I wake up to the sound of plants being chewed. I roll over and peer out my blinds to see a deer staring intently at me. After a few seconds, I blow a raspberry and watch her scamper off down the packed dirt road. It is July 1992.


Jan 2007

The Bard - Sandman

By: admin | Tags: bard, poetry

He never walks
but sweeps into rooms
Eyes full of mischief
hands full of secrets.
Wonder what he has today
as he calls my name
Carried by his wind
tickles my ear.
I turn around and he's not there


Jun 2006

The Bard - Postcard from Ireland

By: admin | Tags: bard, prose, journal, ireland

I sit here on a bench just outside the house amongst the vegetables and herbs – a menagerie of crisp leaves, delicate buds, and ancient roots. Surrounding the garden is an array of vines, flowers, weeds and ivies such as I have never seen; vibrant purples, golds, oranges, whites, and greens.

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Stephanie Byng manages the technical aspects of research, development, design, implementation, and maintenace of the S&T Policy Fellowships websites, databases, and network systems. She supervises design, functionality, and efficiency of our database and online network; and conducts analysis and quality control of our data. Stephanie provides professional technical support for staff, applicants, and fellows; troubleshoots technical issues; and maintains documentation for our systems. Additionally, she trains and supervises staff on use of web properties, databases, and technologies. She also lends a creative hand to outreach and engagement efforts by designing graphics, writing online content, and producing marketing videos.

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